In my eyes, magic is cool. I know that magic is just sleight of hand and illusion, but it’s still fascinating nonetheless.

I remember as a kid when I went to a magic show and I saw the levitation tricks, I remember thinking “how in the heck do they do that”? It’s the same with simple card tricks. I’d see them and think to myself “how did he do that”?

Way # 1 – Interactive Internet Downloads -I started poking around on the internet to find ways to learn magic and I stumbled across some pretty cool websites that offer downloads that teach even the greenest of Zoom magician hire to put on jaw-dropping magic tricks.

Way # 2 – Face to Face Lessons – I also found that you can get face to face lessons from very talented well know magicians, BUT they cost hundreds and even thousands per hour. Ok, so that’s not an option for most people.

Way # 3 – A Binded Book – This is probably the least favorable. If you need help beyond what the book has to offer, there is nobody to turn to.

Way # 1 Continued – Back to these downloads – I’ve found that they teach you TONS of good stuff in a vivid and easy to follow fashion. A lot of these books and downloads do such a good job at teaching the material, even a 12 year old kid can master the more challenging tricks. You actually learn things like:

– Spoon bending.
– Card Tricks.
– Levitation.
– Street Magic
– Hypnosis
– Etc.

I’m glad I stumbled across this website. The creators of the learn magic downloads often times can be contacted if you get stuck or have problems with the material. I no longer have to wonder “how’d he do that”. It’s actually quite fun trying to learn the magic tricks and kids love it. I’ve also found that learning the tricks and illusions has been quite a confidence builder.

It has been seen that when the audience at magic shows cannot detect something, they cannot resist the urge to detect. And if they begin to assume something, they will never doubt it. They will believe whatever you tell them. This is the cardinal rule for magicians in magic shows as the pulse of the audience has to be felt. It is the power of magic mentalism that can make them assume that whatever feats are being performed is supernatural.

It is impacting on people to assume what you want them to assume. It is one of the greatest powers learnt by a Zoom magician hire and the key to his success. It is not like making them think what you want them to think, but by making them make assumptions, you release a chain of thoughts in them. It begins to take its own course while you perform the act to the finish. And assuming should come by telling them lightheartedly. While discovering the power of mentalism, you will realize the necessity to engage in lighthearted banter with the audience.


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