Once you have selected where in your home your studio is going to be, it’s about time to start designing the space. The spot for the setup is most likely confined to a single room, such as a garage or a bedroom. To help you come up with some bright ideas for your home recording studio design, here are three neat options to consider:

Go Traditional – In conventional pro music studios, the space is usually divided into a number of different areas. The center of the space should be the control room, where you will put the mixer, recorders, and other outboard equipment. The other rooms, such as tracking rooms or isolation booths (depending on the size of the room), should be connected to the control room. As the musicians sing and play in the tracking room, the engineer records the act and examines the sound in the control room using speakers or headphones. The best setup would be for your home recording Music recording studio production to have one area as the control room and another one as the tracking room. If this is viable, then setting up the space will be rather easy. If budget allows it would be great to have a window between the rooms so the engineer could observe the artists when performing. But as long as cables can be run between the two rooms, this design will work well.

Go Green – If you want to pursue your recording career without being hazardous to the environment, choose to go green in designing your home music studio. Use natural lighting as much as possible or energy efficient light bulbs. For insulation, you can pad the walls using shredded old denim jeans. For flooring, use renewable materials, such as cork and bamboo. Decorate your home music studio with second-hand furniture and other eco-friendly fixtures. It is absolutely possible to have an environmentally friendly studio and still create high-quality music. Simply bring out the music-cum-nature lover in you.

Go Multifunctional – While you have the recording studio room, computer, software, microphone, mixer, and other equipment ready, you might also want your space to be multipurpose, especially if you plan to make business out of it. Consider adding a little extra. For example, having a refrigerator and kitchenette will surely keep many artists and bands satisfied and coming back for more. Plus, you don’t want to have everyone wandering around your house, going into the kitchen, and waking people up in the wee hours just to get water. Have a refrigerator conveniently located right next to your sitting area.

These are just some ideas to help you design your home music studio. Certainly there are many other cool concepts, but what’s important is that your studio is functional, makes you feel comfortable, and stirs up creativity.


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